About us


About us

From the very beginning, our work has focused on building with wood and the relevance of sustainable building for future-oriented architecture. We develop simple solutions for complex issues according to the given construction task. In doing so, we use technology to support the potential of nature rather than define it. As architects, energy consultants and experts in circular construction, we develop healthy, natural and effective architecture for intelligent buildings.

Wood construction

We are trained woodworkers with a special connection to wood as a building material. Wood has unique characteristics that make it highly versatile. With its humidity-regulating properties, it also has a positive effect on the indoor climate. With the rapid technological progress of the past few years, wood can now even be used as the main building material in high-rise construction. We take advantage of the entire range of economic and ecological benefits this renewable, natural building material has to offer in our architecture. Especially in times of increasing resource scarcity, we believe that wood is the building material of the future.

Cradle to cradle/circular construction

For many years, we have been concerned with the issue of availability and use of the limited resources of our planet. More than 50% of our global resources are consumed in the construction and operation of buildings. The intelligent use of building materials and energy is therefore a great opportunity for future-oriented construction. For this reason, we plan buildings that also generate energy, rather than just consuming it. And we use materials and designs that ensure the long-term value of the resources used. As pioneers of circular construction in Germany, we integrate this potential into our architectural projects.

Building culture

Every building has a long-term impact on its surroundings as well as a social impact. A building must therefore actively make a positive contribution. It should be progressive and forward-thinking. Following a contextual and local design approach, we develop architecture with all participants as equal partners, finding solutions that create identities and are understood and accepted. Targeted participation is an intrinsic part of our work. With this approach, architecture can become firmly embedded within building culture.


We are a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the AktivPlus e.V. and Cradle to Cradle e.V. associations.

  • Jörg Finkbeiner

    Jörg Finkbeiner

    Freier Architekt

    Jörg Finkbeiner, Dipl.- Ing. Architekt, wurde in Freudenstadt im Schwarzwald geboren. Er absolvierte eine Ausbildung zum Schreiner und ein Architekturstudium an der TU Berlin. Seit 2006 ist er - zusammen mit seinem Büropartner - Geschäftsführer von Partner und Partner Architekten. Seit 2011 ist Jörg Cradle to Cradle Consultant und gehört damit zu den Pionieren der Cradle to Cradle Idee im Bereich Architektur in Deutschland. Jörg war Lehrbeauftragter und wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der TU Berlin und unterrichtete bis 2017 im Rahmen einer Professur unter anderem „nachhaltiges Konstruieren“ an der Hochschule Detmold. Neben der Arbeit im Büro ist er als Referent bei Veranstaltungen zu den Themen Cradle to Cradle, Holzbau und Baukultur bundesweit aktiv.

  • Klaus Günter

    Klaus Günter

    Freier Architekt

    Klaus Günter wurde im Jahr 1971 in Freudenstadt geboren. Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Zimmermann (1992 bis 1994) studierte er Architektur an der Technischen Fachhochschule Berlin. Es folgte eine Anstellung bei den feddersenarchitekten, wo er sich überwiegend mit Wettbewerben und Grafik beschäftigte. Nach verschiedenen Engagements in Barcelona, unter anderem für Red Bull oder WWP, gründete er im Jahr 2006, gemeinsam mit Jörg Finkbeiner, das Architekturbüro Partner und Partner Architekten, das die beiden Diplomingenieure gemeinsam betreiben.


  • Ulrike Kube
    Ulrike Kube
    Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
  • Jeroen Meissner
    Jeroen Meissner
    Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
  • Silvia Grossinger
    Silvia Grossinger
    M.Sc. Arch.
  • Ufuk Sagir
    Ufuk Sagir
    Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
  • Veit Burgbacher
    Veit Burgbacher
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Jae-Young Lee
    Jae-Young Lee
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Jil Velden
    Jil Velden
    B.Sc. Arch
  • Felix Göttel
    Felix Göttel
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Maren Vetter
    Maren Vetter
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Katharina Fritz
    Katharina Fritz
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Hanui Sori You
    Hanui Sori You
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Carolin Friedrich
    Carolin Friedrich
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Sara Sarbandy
    Sara Sarbandy
    Dipl. Ing. Arch - Office Management-PR
  • Fabian Fleckenstein
    Fabian Fleckenstein
    Urbane Zukunft M.A
  • Andreas Wendt
    Dipl. Ing (Arch)
  • Isabelle Wolpert
    Isabelle Wolpert
    M.Sc. Historische Urbanistik
  • Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez
    Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Oskar Ellwanger
    Oskar Ellwanger
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Lisa Templiner
    Lisa Templiner
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Timo Voßhagen
    Timo Voßhagen
    B.Sc. Arch
  • Kerstin Krüger
    Kerstin Krüger
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Hille Haupt
    Hille Haupt
    Dipl. Kommunikationsdesignerin- Office Management
  • Stefan Unger
    Stefan Unger
  • Olga Zeiser
    Olga Zeiser
    B.Sc. Arch
  • Johannes Jenny
    Johannes Jenny
    M.A. Arch
  • Quirin Dilling
    Quirin Dilling
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Mairi Zountsa
    Mairi Zountsa
    B.Sc. Arch
  • Svenja Blumberg
    Svenja Blumberg
    B.Sc. Arch
  • Tabea Wendlinger
    Tabea Wendlinger
    B.A. Arch
  • Tjaša Kogovšek
    Tjaša Kogovšek
    M.Sc. Arch. Urb.
  • Aida Conde Izquierdo
    Aida Conde Izquierdo
    M.Sc. Arch
  • Stefan Schmidt
    Stefan Schmidt
    M.A. Arch
  • Hanna Rabes
    Hanna Rabes
    angehende B.Sc. Arch
  • Emily Jahn
    Emily Jahn
    angehende B.Sc. Arch
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