Administrative building in wood
Graupa bei Dresden

Administrative building in wood Graupa bei Dresden, 2019
Administrative building in wood Graupa bei Dresden, 2019
Administrative building in wood Graupa bei Dresden, 2019

Administrative building in wood

Administrative centre in Staatsforst Saxony with ZRS Berlin

The concept model for the site of the Sachsenforst administrative centre is the Saxon forest in the exterior where buildings are located. Forest clearings in the outdoor areas of the site were qualified for use for meetings and other activities, allowing for a defined use of open space. A large clearing in front of the entrance to the new administrative building serves a central meeting point and creates a link to the existing office and laboratory building.

The new office and administrative building of the Sachsenforst centre is a new address on the existing premises and is positioned in such a way that the new building can be seen directly from the main entrance. The scale of the new building is based on the existing development. Parking spaces are allocated at the rear behind the buildings on the designated construction window, and the fire brigade has full vehicle access around the entire building. The compact, two-story structure is designed around a courtyard, which provides employees a quiet place to retreat.

The building welcomes the employees into an open and spacious entrance area with an adjoining multipurpose room and cafeteria, which is connected by its transparency to the inner courtyard as a flowing and multifunctional space. The roof shape takes a playful cue from the surrounding pitched roofs and blends the long structures into a contextual volume. The airy vertical wooden facade produces an effect of depth and evokes the forest theme while allowing the facade to open in different ways depending on the requirements. Window formats can be integrated very practically into the facade as required.


  • Typology: Office / administration
  • City: Graupa / Dresden
  • GFA: 2200 m²
  • Construction phases: CPH 1-9, in planning
  • Architects: Partner und Partner Architekten with ZRS Berlin
  • Team - PUP: Jörg Finkbeiner, Jeroen Meissner
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