Kepler area

Kepler area Ludwigsburg, 2022
Kepler area Ludwigsburg, 2022
Kepler area Ludwigsburg, 2022
Kepler area Ludwigsburg, 2022

4. Rang - städtebauliche Studie

Kepler area

District development in Ludwigsburg

the green gateway to Ludwigsburg The "Kepler Triangle" is located at a central point in Ludwigsburg's urban fabric and can fulfill an important function in the future development of Ludwigsburg through revitalization. The central urban location directly at the main train station makes it possible to qualify the place as a link and bridge function at the transition from the center to the western part of the city. The basis of the concept is the qualifi cation as a central player influencing the future urban fabric via the actual property. This includes the connection to the higher-level transport systems, the references to the surrounding districts and the development of a robust, resilient overall urban structure.

SUPERIOR CONNECTION – Mobility of the future

The higher-level connection focuses, among other things, on the connection and further development of the mobile infrastructure. A traffic hub is planned at the base of the new building, in which pedestrian, bicycle and motorized individual traffic are closely interlinked, allowing a low-threshold, dynamic transition between the individual means of transport. Through car sharing on Franckstraße, e-bike charging and rental offers in the 1st basement, many different bicycles Parking options and the direct proximity to the train station reduce the number of parking spaces required. The parking garage is positioned and designed as a potential area in such a way that it can be successively converted in the future. The express cycle path that runs around the city center is given a diagonal connection that touches the planning area and is integrated into the existing cycle path network parallel to Keplerstraße over the bridge.


The basis of the urban setting is based on two essential ones parameters: 1. Urban Landscape Nature: The continuation of the western one Parks over the basement to a newly created entrance situation of the Kepler triangle on Solitudeallee. The existing city park is thereby expanded and strengthened. In addition to high outdoor In this way, retention areas and a Improvement of the urban climate situation. Through an east-west Connection for pedestrians: the qualities of the present Parks used and this to a natural "neighbor" of the area. In the north-south crossing of the area is a perspective one "Bridge building" in the commercial area on the other side of Keplerstraße laid out, which means that a link with Weststadt is possible in the future might. In the building under the new park landscape are the Mobility hub and large-scale uses (e.g. sports/commercial etc.) 2. Urban landscape of Ludwigsburg grain: The overriding urban area is shaped by the growing scale of Ludwigsburg, supplemented by two high points in the immediate vicinity: dem "MH-Plus" and the "Wüstenrot-Turm". Through differentiation of the urban volumes, the design mediates between them standards. The highly visible high points are indented and grow out of a basement that the eaves or ridge heights of immediate surroundings and communicates with them. The three story ones Structures on Keplerstraße form a structural one Noise protection for the central three-dimensional city square in the Interior of the plan area serving as distributor and mediator orientation creates and intuitively directs the flow of movement in the area. On the green one Roof areas of the base are possible as a 'city floor' for public and semi-public uses. This creates a second city square with a high quality of stay. The three high points create a concise ensemble, which through its differentiated height development embeds the project in the larger urban area.

BUILDING STRUCTURE – robust and flexible

The volume of the building structure results from the previously defined urban planning guidelines, in the sense of one that is compatible with the location Density. The building structure in timber skeleton construction follows a simple and economical basic grid. This is the greatest possible flexibility in the use and change of use phase guaranteed. The programming of the individual buildings or building areas follow the goal of a diverse mix of uses and the Usefulness depending on the location in the project area. The narrow bar on Kepplerstrasse is ideal because of its proximity to public space for artist studios and other alternative uses at. The highest point to the west is to be used as a co-working Hub to be developed with child care. The one who left the street Part of the building is intended for living. The high point at the Bahnstrasse accommodates a boarding house & hotel in the base, the high-rise itself is intended for office use. By assigning specific uses, on the one hand Conflicts of use avoided, on the other hand a lively and Diverse city district, which is given an integrated role as the "gateway to the city".


  • Auftraggebende: BEAN (Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter/Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG)
  • Typologie: Gründerzentrum/Bürogebäude
  • Ort: Ludiwgsburg
  • BGF: ca. 25.000 m2 +Städtebaulioches Gutachterverfahren
  • Team: Veit Burgbacher, Johannes Trautmann, Teresa Hartmann, Rune Hattig
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