Kita Ziegelhof

Kita Ziegelhof Berlin , 2022
Kita Ziegelhof Berlin , 2022
Kita Ziegelhof Berlin , 2022
Kita Ziegelhof Berlin , 2022
Kita Ziegelhof Berlin , 2022

Kita Ziegelhof

Kindergarten in the park

A single-story wooden building was designed to support the open learning concept. It consists of four building sections in a slightly staggered position within the outdoor area and resemble a small village among the trees, most of which will be preserved and provide shade in the summer.

The building sections are connected by a flat roof. The constructed area divides the exterior into playfully devised, differentiated spaces that function like courtyards, each with structural borders from two sides. This provides the teachers with a good overview of the children playing and allows for a varied use the space according to different programmes. The walls and roof construction are mostly made of visible laminated wood. The exterior was designed with the aim of preserving the wooded area as a special feature.

The four buildings include: Nest (30 children) Administrative offices and kitchen - Older children (40 children) - Older children (40 children) The buildings are distinctly divided into this configuration, which gives the place not only an identity but also a clear internal structure.

The four building sections all have similar external dimensions and function identically in terms of internal organisation. All rooms are accessed separately through central corridors and have windows and doors to the outside. This allows natural ventilation and light into the group rooms and, together with the wooden surfaces, ensures a pleasant room climate for its users.

All flat roofs are gravelled and the hip roofs are greened. Inside the buildings, the full height of the hip roofs is exposed


  • Client: JuWoKita gGmbH
  • Typology: Wood construction daycare center
  • City: Berlin - Spandau
  • GFA: 985 m²
  • Construction phases: CPH 1-9, in planning
  • Architects: Partner und Partner Architekten
  • Team: Klaus Günter, Silvia Grossinger, Ulrike Kube
  • Technical building services: IBT.PAN
  • structural engineering and fire safety: Pfeifer Interplan
  • Landscaper: JUCA Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin
  • Fotos: Jan Rottler
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