Pioneer pavilion

Pioneer pavilion Ingolstadt, 2016
Pioneer pavilion Ingolstadt, 2016

Pioneer pavilion

A pavilion for Audi based on the Cradle to Cradle principle

A pavilion will be developed for the new AUDI IN-Campus in Ingolstadt that will provide information about the project during the construction of the new grounds.

It will include a café, sanitary facilities, a lecture room with a capacity of 40 people and an observation tower. The purpose of the building is also to communicate on the transformation process of the site and the transition from fossil to regenerative technology. The former contaminated site will be replaced by a dynamic, innovative technological centre with healthy workplaces. The old refinery caused a great deal of damage to the adjacent forested areas, whose biodiversity will be coaxed back to the new site. The pavilion communicates this transition and is positioned as a pioneer in this still inhospitable environment. The building acts as a small beacon of information, explaining the Cradle to Cradle principle and demonstrating a conscious approach to the area’s unique attributes. As a principle of innovation, Cradle to Cradle integrates sustainable smart technologies, is largely self-sufficient in terms of resources, generates a healthy interior, ensures greater biodiversity and creates lasting added value at the given location through the use of recyclable building materials within an intelligent, modular design.

The Cradle to Cradle Pavilion is: + -Smart, because it uses resources efficiently with innovative technologies + -Flexible, because it allows maximum usability and adaptability with a minimum number of modules + -A material bank, because it is designed so that all components can be disassembled according to type and upcycled + -Bio-positive, because it ensures more biodiversity at the site + -Resource-positive, because it generates more energy than it consumes and intelligently networks water and nutrients + -Interactive, because it is connected to its environment and informs visitors


  • Client: Audi AG
  • Category: direct commission
  • Typology: pavilion
  • City: Ingolstadt
  • GFA: 210m²
  • CPH: 1-3
  • Architects: Partner und Partner Architekten
  • Team: Jörg Finkbeiner, Jeroen Meissner
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