Rooftop farm


The high-rise bunker in Herne will be expanded into a sustainable residential building with an integrated rooftop greenhouse. The aim of the construction project is to create a synergistic network between the existing building and the rooftop greenhouse via the material and energy circuits. This will make building operations more resource-efficient and cost effective at the same time.

Foods such as lettuces, herbs and tomatoes will be produced in the rooftop greenhouse for the in-house canteen. Different crops will be grown in specific hydroponic cultivation systems throughout the year. Processed gray water from the building operation and collected rainwater will both be used to irrigate the plants. The energy needs of the greenhouse can mostly be covered by renewable energy sources. In addition, excess heat from the existing building is used to heat the greenhouse.


  • Client: Archy Nova
  • Typology: Rooftop greenhouse
  • City: Herne, NRW
  • GFA: 540 m² Dachfläche
  • Construction phases: 1-8 LPH
  • Architects: dk Architekten, Stuttgart
  • Greenhouse: Partner und Partner with Dachfarm Berlin
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