Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015


Cooperative living on the Spree

New construction of three 7-story passive houses in hybrid construction

The cooperative project consists of three detached buildings with roof terraces that form a courtyard, which is being developed together with the banks of the Spree river and the public areas of the ground floor into an attractive public space. The flats begin above the public ground floor areas with their spacious, high ceilings, which were developed in line with the usual building group models together with the residents. Semi-public common areas were set up on the roofs of the buildings, which are connected to each other with suspension bridges, in order to create a coherent, shared space. The buildings are constructed in reinforced concrete with a timber frame construction. The outer layer of wood fibre panels serves as a plaster base and covers the entire building. An elaborate energy concept was developed for the three passive houses, which uses geothermal energy in the pile foundations. This heating system is additionally supported by wood pellet and ice storage heating systems. Photovoltaic systems will be installed on all roofs of the three buildings for autonomous power generation.


  • Client: Spreefeld Wohn- und Baugenossenschaft
  • Typology: Residential
  • City: Berlin, Germany
  • GFA: 10.000m²
  • Completion: 2014
  • Architects: Carpaneto/Schöningh, FAT Köhl, BAR Architekten mit Partner und Partner Architekten
  • Team: Klaus Günter, Jörg Finkbeiner, Ufuk Sagir, Ulrike Kube, Max Steinbächer
  • Photos: Ute Zscharnt, Michael Matuschka, Jörg Finkbeiner
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