The renewable city

The renewable city Berlin, 2016
The renewable city Berlin, 2016

The renewable city

Dogma for the city of tomorrow

‘The Renewable City – DNWS’ network was founded in 2010 by a group of Berlin architects, all of them with many years of experience in building with wood. Their premise was to address issues of growth, urban consolidation, resource consumption, ownership, participation and co-determination in the city of Berlin, which has been booming since the financial crisis of 2008. Its members have been working in interdisciplinary teams to develop models for the transformation of the city as an organism and implement them in specific projects with the aim of setting independent standards apart from purely profit-driven real estate, project development and construction practices. In addition to innovative planning, we work on research projects and teaching activities. We evaluate the impact of the construction with current certification systems, which allows us to track and describe the positive effects of renewable resources.


The Renewable City is a living organism. It is constantly undergoing metamorphoses as it adapts to the needs of its inhabitants. Like nature, the Renewable City consists of complementary material cycles and is founded on a constant regeneration of resources. Used materials and products serve either as nutrients for new growth or as raw materials for new products. As we make our way into the future, we leave behind the bottlenecks of the past, such as resource and land consumption, waste accumulation and ecological destruction. The buildings in the cities are producing energy and becoming resource-positive. The Renewable City is powered by sun, wind and light. It is a city where everything is close by, with an urban density that allows people to work and live in parallel, according to the urban principles of mixed use. Diverse networks and cyclical processes develop between the urban actors and material streams. The Renewable City is on its way! For more information


  • Network: for the city of tomorrow
  • City: Berlin, Germany
  • Time period: since 2013
  • Partners: ZRS Berlin, Hütten und Paläste, Dachfarm Berlin
  • Visualisation: DNWS

Cradle To Cradle-Kompass

  • Materials/Resources
  • Energy Supply
  • Water Management
  • Maintenance
  • Social Values
  • Diversity
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