View on Lake Ellbach

View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013
View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013
View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013
View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013
View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013
View on Lake Ellbach Baiersbronn, 2013

Heinze Award 2015 Shortlist

Award: Exemplary Building 2016 FDS / CW

View on Lake Ellbach

Accessible viewing platform overlooking Lake Ellbach

Popular with tourists, the municipality of Baiersbronn offers visitors an exclusive experience over Lake Ellbach with this observation platform. Hikers, wheelchair users, cyclists and tour groups can stop and spend some time here taking in the vastness of the Ellbach valley.


The aim of the design was to create a viewpoint using regional materials without felling any of the existing trees. The barrier-free viewing platform branches off from a forest hiking trail and winds its way between the trees to open onto a panoramic view over the Ellbach valley. As the view opens up, the narrow appearance of the platform grows broader, encouraging visitors to linger. This expansion is further enhanced by the parapet on the inclined sides of the platform, which is tilted slightly outwards. Seating is provided so that visitors can relax and enjoy the splendid view.


The observation deck consists of regional Douglas fir wood for durable weather resistance. A timber framework supports a wooden cage made of square wooden profiles, which form the accessible area and the parapet. The closed wooden parapet protects the front sides of the parapet stakes from the elements while also holding them together. The flooring with parapet was prefabricated in one-metre wide sections at the factory and placed onto the wooden frame without screws.


A 3D model was generated for the joinery so that all wood elements could be precisely cut to size using CNC controlled cutting. The elements pre-assembled in the workshop were quickly mounted on site onto the previously built foundations and screwed together.


  • Client: Gemeinde Baiersbronn
  • Typology: Steg, Aussichtsplattform
  • City: Baiersbronn, Deutschland
  • GFA: 150 m²
  • Completion: August 2013
  • Construction phases: LPH 1-9
  • Architects: Partner und Partner Architekten
  • Team: Klaus Günter, Jörg Finkbeiner, Max Steinbächer, Jeroen Meissner
  • Structural engineering: Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure
  • Timber construction: Zimmerei Schleh
  • Building shell: Finkbeiner Bauunternehmung
  • Photos: Ulrike Klumpp, Klaus Günter
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