Visitor centre in Wolkenhain


The exhibition in ‘Wolkenhain’ on the former IGA grounds was commissioned by Grün Berlin. It was developed in collaboration with the DOPPELPUNKT agency and jointly implemented in terms of content and design.

The aim was to illustrate all the exciting things that we discovered during our research: from mammoths and giant deer, the site conditions of Berlin bearing traces of the ice age, the natural and man-made layers of the Kienberg, all the way to climate change. The results are displayed in the visitor centre at the top of the Kienberg, including large graphic illustrations, tablets with detailed content, stone relics and a sound journey from the ice age to the present.


  • Client: Grün Berlin
  • Category: Furniture concept
  • City: Mahrzahn, Berlin
  • Typology: Ausstellung
  • Architects: Partner und Partner Architekten
  • Team: Jörg Finkbeiner, Jeroen Meissner
  • Exhibition design: doppelpunkt
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