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Agenda 1,5°

For 1.5 degrees – transform the building sector in a way that is resource- and climate-friendly

The building sector is responsible for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions and over 50% of global resource consumption.

we know

that buildings made from renewable raw materials store CO 2 in their construction and thus immediately serve as a CO 2 sink. Through sustainable management, new resources grow that bind further carbon and maintain biodiversity. We have enough renewable energy available to operate buildings in a climate-neutral manner throughout their entire life cycle. The negative effects of construction can be reversed through this approach - the ecological problem caused by the construction and operation of buildings becomes more activeContribution to climate protection and part of the solution

we can

Build and operate buildings using recyclable raw materials in such a way that resources can be permanently retained in cycles during conversion and dismantling. In this way, we substitute CO2-intensive primary building materials and avoid waste and land use caused by the mining and disposal of finite raw materials. In this way, we ensure the value of the resources used and contribute to raw material security and intergenerational equity in the future.

we develop

in the integral planning process, buildings that offer the respective users healthy, functional and identity-forming spaces that are used for a long time and with pleasure thanks to high quality.

we demand

politically granted innovation clauses in addition to current regulations in order to promote sustainable construction in the short term and accelerate the necessary change. We also demand a CO 2 and material pass over the life cycle, in which the raw materials contained in the buildings are transparently proven. With every new building and every renovation, we create facts that will have an impact for decades to centuries.

We commit ourselves

With our work we contribute to reducing global warming to a maximumTo limit 1.5 degrees and counteract the drastic shortage of resources. We are working intensively with all those involved in each individual project to achieve the 1.5 degree target. We stand up for our responsibility towards the future of our planet.

We must and can act decisively. For 1.5 degrees – transform the building sector in a way that is resource- and climate-friendly.