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"Woodscraper" lecture at the Timber Construction Congress 2024 in Berlin

- 12-06-2024

Woodscraper – the circular wooden high-rise building Jörg Finkbeiner, Partner and Partner Architects, BerlinAndré Meyer, GLS Community Bank, Bochum.

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Environment Week

- 04-06-2024

The Woodscrapers - our high-rise buildings with wooden structures - are becoming more and more of a reality and we were able to show this at the Environment Week, which ended on Wednesday.

Woodscraper research project at Environment Week in Bellevue Park

- 04-06-2024

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) invite you to “Environmental Week” on June 4th and 5th. The park at Bellevue Palace in Berlin will be transformed into a tent and stage city - with around 190 exhibitors as well as a stage and specialist forum program on current environmental topics. And we are participating as exhibitors.

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Panel "Sustainable Construction" at the Week of the Environment

- 04-06-2024

During the Environment Week on the panel “Sustainable Construction” with Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz.

“Sustainable Building”

- 27-05-2024

On the panel with Federal Minister of Construction Geywitz at Environment Week

Lecture at the specialist conference “Building Crafts and Building Culture”

- 18-04-2024

Conference “Building trade and building culture - climate-friendly quality through solution-oriented and design competence”

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Building permit granted for Woodscraper

- 15-04-2024

On Monday, April 8th, the building permit was officially handed over at Wolfsburg City Hall by Mayor Dennis Weimann to the project owner, the socially-ecological GLS Bank. Construction of the Wolfsburg Woodscraper is scheduled to begin in May 2024.

Photo by Martin Steffen, GLS Bank

The GLS Bank press release

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Our life cycle assessment experts

- 01-03-2024

Our employees Mascha Creutz, Alena Jacobs and Maren Vetter have passed the DGNB exam as life cycle assessment experts and are now supporting our office as consultants.

Closed meeting for the new year

- 09-01-2024

The year 2023 was full of events...

Headquarters Kostner Group nominated for DAM Prize 2024

- 12-07-2023

Our new office building made of solid wood in Italy was nominated for the DAM (German Architecture Museum) Prize 2024. We are of course very happy and would like to thank the jury for recognizing our efforts in timber construction and sustainable building.

Laying of the foundation stone at Volksbank Aue

- 23-06-2023

With a wooden hybrid building, Volksbank Chemnitz is clearly setting the course for its new, green self-image and confidently communicating this at the entrance to Aue in the Erzgebirge. An ecologically planned bank branch will be built at the entrance to the traditional mining town, which is easily accessible and shows an example of how building can become more climate-friendly in the future.

German real estate award for the "Zillecampus"

- 25-05-2023

"The commercial district includes everything that is possible today in terms of honest sustainability and they combine the common good with ecological responsibility."

Transformation workshop

- 09-05-2023

On May 9, 2023, the first transformation workshop on the topic of circular planning and construction took place with the Building Minister Ms. Geywitz in CRCLR House - Berlin. The transformation succeeds together!

Photo: Henning Schacht

Headquarters Kostner Group in “HOLZBAU the new quadriga”

- 05-04-2023

Publication in the first 2023 edition of “HOLZBAU the new quadriga”. “Overall, this architectural concept for the new headquarters can be classified as very successful,” says author Kristin Kurczinski.

Our guest article in the current issue of ECONO

- 09-03-2023

“There is a lot of demand for circular economy – and little practice. Unless the path leads to Brühl near Heidelberg, where the circular future in housing construction has already begun.”

BUILD 2023 - what to do now

- 05-03-2023

We are on April 18th. with a contribution: The BMWSB invites you from April 17th. to the congress at BAU 2023 in Munich from April 18, 2023.

On the way to a climate-neutral building stock - sustainability strategy and federal funding for new buildings

Exhibition opening DA! in Berlin

- 12-02-2023

We are pleased that our five-story solid wood building for the Kostner headquarters in South Tyrol is included in this year's DA! Exhibition and the yearbook were included. The exhibition DA! ARCHITECTURE IN AND FROM BERLIN shows 60 selected and exemplary solutions to current construction tasks from members of the Berlin Chamber of Architects: sustainable projects, buildings, open spaces and transformations all over the world.

Keynote at the "Build in Wood" conference in Hamburg

- 25-01-2023

The Scandinavian conference Build in Wood is coming to Hamburg! Wood as a sustainable building material raises several questions about sustainability and climate impact. How do we work with wood to achieve the climate goals of the future and how do we ensure sustainability?

Schweizer Botschaft in Berlin: Nachhaltige Architektur – Versuch einer Definition

- 15-03-2022

Schweizer Botschaft in Berlin:
Nachhaltige Architektur - Versuch einer Definition

Attendees: Kerstin Müller Co-Managing Director of Circular GmbH, Basel, Dr. Oliver Martin Head of the Building Culture Section of the Federal Office of Culture, Bern, Jörg Finkbeiner Partner & Partner Architects, Berlin, Prof. Jens Ludloff Ludloff Ludloff Architects, Berlin and Chair of Sustainability, Building Construction and Design at the University of Stuttgart

Moderation: Dr. Anne Schmedding

In cooperation with the Association of German Architects Berlin.

Watch the discussion on the YouTube channel

On the road with the Federal President in Sweden

- 09-09-2021

On the road with the Federal President

One of the two managing directors of Partner und Partner, Jörg Finkbeiner, is currently traveling as a special guest on the Federal President's state visit to Sweden. It is striking how seriously people in Sweden take the issues of climate protection, future technologies and timber construction. At lunch yesterday in Stockholm City Hall, Crown Princess Victoria was very interested in a conversation with Jörg Finkbeiner. Yesterday afternoon Finkbeiner visited Sweden's King Carl XVI together with the Federal President. Gustaf and the Swedish Minister of Culture the current exhibition at the architecture and design center ArkDes, which focuses primarily on wooden construction. From there, the tour group virtually followed the inauguration of the “Sara Cultural Center” in Skellefteå, the tallest wooden building in Europe. Finally, Jörg Finkbeiner was able to give a speech to discuss how sustainable and socially just construction can work in the future. Finally, Finkbeiner travels today to the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna. ©Federal Government / Photographer Guido Bergmann