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“Sustainable Building”

- 27-05-2024

The panel with Federal Construction Minister Klara Geywitz will begin on June 4th at 1:00 p.m. and will offer a broad discussion about sustainable construction with a focus on wooden construction as a CO2 sink, increasing floor space for internal densification and the potential of the circular economy in the construction industry. Minister Geywitz opened the discussion with a shortKeynote speech, followed by a panel discussion. The selection of panel participants includes not only the minister but also Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Finkbeiner from the architects Partner & Partner and Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, managing director of Baufritz and winner of the German Environmental Prize 2023, as well as Alexander Bonde, general secretary of the German Federal Environmental Foundation. The moderation will be led by Sabine Djahanschah, consultant for environmental technology and sustainable construction at the DBU. The technical subject of the discussion will be, among other things, the “Charter for Wood”, the CO2 balance of building materials, renewable raw materials and the use of recycled materials, as well as the development of circular constructions and the importance of “urban mining”.be. The panel participants will also discuss the potential of densification, the importance of further developing the building stock as well as the complexity of funding opportunities in the construction industry.