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How we work

Building with renewable raw materials

We build with renewable, if possible regional, sustainably sourced raw materials and counteract the scarcity of resources. The responsible use of what is available should be the cornerstone of our building culture. CO2 should be bound, biodiversity preserved and resources conserved in order to build healthy, climate-friendly buildings.

Preserve inventory and continue to use it

We use what is already there: raw materials, buildings, areas. The built environment represents a valuable material store - instead of generating hazardous waste, we avoid gray energy by reusing and converting it, protect what already exists and conserve resources.

Closing cycles

We close material cycles. Instead of continually producing new things, we rely on reuse by planning and building in a circular manner. Robust, flexible building structures should be able to be used and repurposed over the long term and make transformation in operations simple and possible with little effort. Architecture that is easy to repair, convert and dismantle keeps resources in circulation and avoids waste.

Act in a socially responsible manner

We act with the well-being of current and future generations in mind. We actively advocate for adaptable, healthy and functional architecture that can be used by the broad masses of society and is accessible to everyone.

Optimize resource consumption in the company

We optimize resource consumption in operations through the use of low-tech strategies, low-maintenance building concepts and renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels are a thing of the past: Instead, buildings are operated in a climate-neutral manner using wind, water and sunlight.

We plan holistically

Planning is a process that is enriched by the integration and innovative strength of everyone involved. Working together right from the start and considering the entire life cycle of a building throughout the process enable well-thought-out solutions that last.

Promote biodiversity

We see ourselves as having a responsibility to counteract the loss of biodiversity. Buildings should contribute to the preservation and increase of biological diversity and the sealing of areas should be kept to a minimum in order to preserve important natural areas.