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In 2008, the neighborhood management initiated the first "Platzspiele" (square games) for children on the then vacant lot, coordinated by the non-profit organization Outreach. The great response to this event led to the construction of a small blue building on the site about a year and a half later, which was named Blueberry. This building was well-attended from the start, a testament to the excellent work of Outreach.

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The urban placement of the building zones the individual open spaces in front of and behind the building into different usage units. Access to the garden at the rear of the property is intended to be available only to children who have "earned" their way into the building. Thus, the garden can only be accessed through the building. Additionally, a forecourt will be created, facilitating a welcoming space upon arrival. The clear positioning of the building makes both possible. Without additional fences or barriers, a "before" as "city square" and a "behind" as "garden" are created. Both outdoor spaces have good proportions in length and width, and their different designs create distinct spatial qualities.

The design of the building aims to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that simultaneously exudes youthfulness.

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Bezirksamt Neukölln
1. Preis
Reuterstraße, Berlin
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Partner und Partner Architekten
Ulrike Kube, Andreas Wendt, Silvia Grossinger, Jae-Young Lee
JUCA architektur+ landschaftsarchitektur Berlin