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Giving space to community and sustainability


The Greenfields Buckow Generational Quarter at Angerplatz represents a pioneering development in the area of communal living. With a diverse mix of apartments that takes into account the needs of various age groups and life situations, a vibrant and integrative community is created.

The planned mix of uses turns the quarter into a lively place of coexistence. The ground floor zones are reserved for neighborhood-related commercial activities, including assembly rooms, training sessions, yoga and dance classes. These facilities encourage social interaction and engagement within the community.

Particularly noteworthy is the Angerplatz, which serves as the vibrant heart of the quarter. It is intended not only for the residents of the generational house to come together but also to welcome the surrounding neighborhood.

Overall, the Greenfields Buckow Generational Quarter combines innovative architecture with a strong focus on social integration and sustainability. It stands as an exemplary model for forward-thinking living concepts that meet the needs of a diverse society and create a positive living environment for all generations.

Project Details

Greenfields Buckow GmbH & Co KG
Gross floor area
Structural engineering
Akustiklabor Berlin
Technical building services
Energiebüro Berlin
ARGE Lavaland/Treibhaus
Grau Visuals
Kerstin Krüger, Ulrike Kube, Stefan Schmidt, Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez, Andreas Wendt, Hanui Sori You