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Built sustainably for sustainable ideas


A sustainable home for green founders is being built in Bremerhaven. As the lead office of a working group, we are implementing a completely new start-up center south of the fishing port in the Lune Delta, which serves as an inspiring place. It offers flexible offices, manufacturing workshops, event spaces and facilities for the everyday needs of the founders. The incubator covers 6,500 m² and offers around 270 jobs.

In its construction and use, the start-up center embodies the values of the circular economy. It was designed to be modular and reversible so that all materials can be reused later. The focus is on sustainable and recyclable materials. This approach makes it possible to save around 5,000 tons of construction mass compared to conventional construction methods.

The open building structure ensures natural ventilation and cooling at night, with users being able to actively participate. Heating is provided by geothermal underfloor heating and infrared radiators on the ceilings, which leads to significant savings in energy consumption. The incubator in the Lune Delta shows that clever, simple technologies can be implemented today to conserve resources and protect the climate.

Project Details

BEAN (Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter/Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG)
Gross floor area
6446 m²
Service Phases
LPH 1-3/4-8
Jörg Finkbeiner, Silvia Grossinger, Carolin Friedrich, Felix Göttel, Fabian Klemp, Fabian Fleckenstein, Jae-Young Lee, Jeroen Meißner, Jil Velden
Technical building services
IFB Ingenieure
Arge Lavaland and Treibhaus
Structural engineering
merz kley partner GmbH
Energy concept
ee concept
Fire safety