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A landscape shaped by the mighty ice masses of the last Ice Age. The glaciers carried stone and rubble far into the surrounding valleys, forming gorges, lakes and wide floodplains. Due to climate change, the glaciers retreated and left behind the debris they had brought with them, hollows became lakes and wide valleys emerged. The mountaintops in the Feldberg summit area in particular are a clear relic from this time. The building plot, in conjunction with the small forest, biotope and garden area, forms an independent unit that is worthy of protection and has a special use. A place of power is created with its own focus made up of the three elements building - forest - garden.

Project Details

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg
öffentlich, Ausstellung und Verwaltung
am Feldberg
Gross floor area
Service Phases
Wettbewerb 2. Preis
Partner und Partner Architekten mit Stollbert Architekten
Peter Stollbert, Rudolf Kasper, Klaus Günter, Jeroen Meissner, Olga Zeiser, Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez, Mairi Zountsa, Max Löffler, Quirin Dilling, Tjasa Kogovsek
Energy concept
Lavaland / Treibhaus
Structural engineering
Ingenieurbüro Wirth Haker