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Dr Ursula Borne Price 2019

Breathe deeply in former ski factory


With a lot of commitment and support from many companies, a special residential facility for ventilated children with family holiday apartments was created from a ski factory in Baiersbronn.Since summer 2015, the Luftikus children's home has been the new living space for children in need of intensive care with prospects for child-friendly development. In a beautiful location on an idyllic hill in the northern Black Forest, the former Morlok ski factory has been transformed into a cozy residential facility with wheelchair-accessible gardens for children and young people on ventilators. According to the good Black Forest tradition, wood, used in its most diverse facets, creates a particularly homely atmosphere, even if modern medical standards and professional ventilation management are required in everyday life: the feeling of security prevails.

One half of the existing building could not be preserved and was replaced by a new building in keeping with building culture. Wood was used in a variety of forms in both the old building and the new building. In addition to the primary wooden supporting structure, wood fiber insulation in panel form was installed under the wooden formwork, which covers wood fiber insulation for blown in between the wooden studs. Wood fiber insulation was even used in the floor construction and finished with solid wood flooring.

Old wooden doors were carefully removed from the existing building, restored and reinstalled elsewhere. All windows were designed as wooden windows with triple glazing. Even the old floorboards in the attic were carefully removed, refurbished and reused as a ceiling soffit on the ground floor in the form of an acoustic ceiling. The building's energy supply was also provided by wood. The entire energy-saving building is heated by pellet heating and hot water is provided. In terms of building culture and ecological responsibility, this project exploited the diverse areas of use of wood and combined them into a harmonious whole. The project therefore reflects all the potential and possible uses of wood as a building material in all its versatility - 360° wood!

Project Details

Luftikus eV.
Baiersbronn, Deutschland
Gross floor area
1,900 m²
Gross building volume
5,000 m³
Service Phases
Structural engineering
Statikbüro Müller+Günter FDS
Interior designer
Stiletto Innenarchitektur
Klaus Günter, Jörg Finkbeiner, Ulrike Kube, Irene Aguilera Blanco
Ulrike Klumpp, Klaus Günter