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We are planning a project for intergenerational living on Gotthardstrasse in Berlin-Reinickendorf - a four-story wooden building that not only covers housing needs, but is also planned and implemented in a climate-positive way.The design concept envisages two parallel blocks arranged along Gotthardstrasse and ensuring optimal natural lighting for the apartments. An inner courtyard between the buildings creates space for meetings and serves as an access zone. A daycare center will be set up on the ground floor of the garden house, while a nursing station with a seniors' café will be built in the front building, which will also serve as an address facing the street.


Access is via arcades, which minimizes movement areas and creates a high-quality outdoor space.The construction project will fit seamlessly into the surrounding area and make optimal use of the nearby green space. Access is via arcades, which not only saves space but also creates a beautiful outdoor area.


The project consistently focuses on sustainability and climate protection. By using wood as the main building material and using renewable energies such as geothermal energy and photovoltaics, the aim is to achieve a positive ecological balance over the entire life cycle. The architecture allows for efficient use of energy and a pleasant microclimate, both in summer and winter.Overall, the project combines innovative architecture with a holistic approach to environmental and climate protection, thereby setting standards for future residential projects in urban areas.

Project Details

Saxovent Smart Eco Investments GmbH
Gross floor area
Service Phases
LP 2-5, in Teilen 6,7,8
Jereon Meissner, Felix Göttel
ARGE Lavaland/Treibhaus