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Enabling sustainable living for all


Creating affordable housing in ecological buildings is the objective of the "Palazzo Tübingen" project. The plan includes around 70 wooden construction apartments, the majority of which will be social housing.

The planned building complex in the south of the city of Tübingen consists of three structures that vary in number of floors, volume, and facade design. The northern building, Building A, is being planned separately by Schwille Architects. Our planning includes the centrally positioned Building B as well as Building C, which is orthogonally aligned to it, located in the southern part of the site.

Building B is distinguished by its innovative building envelope made from straw-wood-clay construction. The exterior walls are composed of prefabricated timber frame elements that are filled with straw and finished on the outside with lime plaster and on the inside with clay plaster. Straw, as a regional, rapidly renewable resource, is an ecologically advantageous insulation material that can be used with minimal further processing effort in timber frame construction as infill material. In combination with clay, this results in very efficient building physics for wall structures, as the clay absorbs moisture from the straw and wood while simultaneously regulating indoor humidity.

Building C, which faces south, is planned with a pre-greyed wooden facade and is characterized by a striking second skin of suspended wooden awnings. These are intended to be three-sided on a projected balcony framework, turning the intermediate space into a protected extension of the living space.

Project Details

Wohnungsbau mit Gewerbeeinheiten
GWG Tübingen
Gross floor area
6000 m²
Service Phases
Partner und Partner Architekten (Haus B und C), Schwille Architekten (Haus A)
Klaus Günter, Ulrike Kube, Aida Conde Izquierdo, Mascha Creutz
Fire safety
Anwander Ingenieure, Augsburg
Structural engineering
tragwerkeplus, Reutlingen
Technical building services
ebök, Tübingen und HJK-Elektrotechnik, Tübingen
Dreigrün, Tübingen
gefördert vom Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE)
Partner und Partner, aufgenommen bei Zimmerei Grünspecht eG