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Competion 2nd place

A modular wooden neighborhood


KREUZBERG MAKES SPACE!– A modular neighborhood made of wood!

The historic “Kreuzberger mixture” today represents a future model of a mixed city that enables living, working and commerce to coexist in a diverse urban fabric. Kreuzberg was and is characterized by a mixture of public, semi-public and private spaces of varying sizes and quality. Squares, backyards and inner courtyards ensure great diversity, allow informal and spontaneous social interaction and thereby shape the culture of life in the neighborhood.

The Kreuzberg mixture represents a heterogeneity that enables encounters and thus creates a high quality of life.The concept “KREUZBERG MAKES PLACE! “ uses, translates and complements this potential to create a climate-resilient, socially and culturally diverse and flexibly adaptable city building block.The Kreuzberg of today will become a model for the city of tomorrow.

In this context, mixture also means the coexistence of different social milieus as well as the great diversity of different cultures that coexist closely here.

Project Details

UTB Projektmanagement GmbH
Mixed Use
Gross floor area
33,000 m²
Service Phases
Wettbewerbsbeitrag, 2. Preis
Partner und Partner Architekten
Energy concept
Treibhaus / Lavaland
Structural engineering
merz kley and partner
Fire safety
Eberl-Pacan Brandschutzplaner
Grau Visuals
Jeroen Meissner, Friederike Rau, Timo Voßhagen, Clara Wunderlich, Fabian Fleckenstein, Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez