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German Sustainability Prize 2021

Healthy living - now also in high-rise form


Climate-friendly high-rise buildings made from renewable raw materials – this vision of the future will soon become reality in Wolfsburg. Construction of the first circular high-rise buildings made of wood and straw will begin in 2024.At the heart of the Woodscraper strategy is the climate-friendly transformation of the construction sector. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, CO2 is bound in our buildings in the long term, while renewable energies ensure almost CO2-neutral operations.

For us, circular means thinking about ecology and cost efficiency from the end. The Woodscraper building materials can be dismantled according to type for further use. Instead of waste, valuable raw materials are available at the end of the wood scraper's lifespan. Until then, the adaptive building structure enables countless conversion scenarios.The Woodscrapers provide an answer to the pressing questions of resource scarcity and climate change. They show: With ecological materials, socially acceptable rents and a high level of living comfort can be achieved without burdening future generations.

Project Details

GLS Woodscraper GmbH & Co. KG
Gross floor area
12,650 m²
Service Phases
LPH 1-9, in Umsetzung
Hilka Nieselt, Jeroen Meissner, Sarah Schmidt, Rune Hattig, Raúl Vásquez Iñiguez, Kathrin du Hamél, Lisa Graf
Structural engineering
merz kley und partner, Dornbirn
Technical building services
IFB Ingenieure, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein
Energy concept
ee concept
Fire safety
Dehne/Kruse Brandschutzingenieure, Wolfsburg
Arge Lavaland and Treibhaus
Project Management
UgK Berlin
Project Management
KVL Bauconsult GmbH