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Research projects

Current research projects

Our research projects take place in cooperation with various project partners and universities. Usually in connection with a specific planning project. The focus is on integrating questions about building the future into ongoing projects

As part of the planning of two wooden high-rise buildings in Wolfsburg, we launched two research projects. Through the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), together with ee concept, CAALA and the Natural Building Lab at the TU Berlin, we are currently investigating how a renewable energy supply, circular construction methods and planning-accompanying life cycle assessment are possible in the building sector.

House without insulation: On behalf of the Evangelical Schönau Foundation, four apartment buildings using different wooden construction methods are being built in Brühl near Heidelberg. As part of an accompanying research project by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), the future of timber construction in rental housing is being examined: What prerequisites does this method of construction need? How can “gray energies” during construction be kept as low as possible? How can only renewable sources be integrated into the energy supply - and be economically successful? Partner and partner are planning one of the four buildings; it will be built with an air collector facade in a glue-free solid wood construction. Most of the wood comes from the foundation's own forestry operations.