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Environmental education in experiential form


Special places sparkle around the "blauer See" in Ratingen: idiosyncratic, evolved uses as well as relics of former uses, old and new types of landscape; these places will be highlighted by the proposed landscape architectural intervention and brought together in an environmental educational experience concept.

The design integrates the anthropogenic character of the site and emphasizes the interplay between man and nature. Various types of landscape around the Blue Lake have been created by human influences to varying degrees, from the post-industrial lake to artificial adventure worlds and succession areas of forest created by storms and increasingly interpreted as a consequence of human-induced climate change: the Anthropocene is particularly noticeable around the Blue Lake. The design attempts to take this into account by deliberately highlighting the landscape types as learning and experience spaces and integrating them into the environmental education concept. Each area invites visitors to enjoy site-specific experiences, whereby interventions are kept to a minimum. Use is concentrated on a few places along a fine network of paths. Interactive learning stations, viewpoints and quiet zones accentuate the landscape. The network around the lake, connected by the sparkling blue of the water, guides explorers intuitively from place to place.

Project Details

Fabian Fleckenstein; Jörg Finkbeiner