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Own timber used for sustainable construction


The Evangelische Pflege Schönau Foundation strives to make its construction projects in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region more sustainable and to minimize the ecological footprint. She is planning such a sustainable wooden residential area in Brühl, Heidelberg. Partner and Partner Architects were commissioned to design an apartment building that is part of this project.

The 4-story multi-family residential building with 10 apartment units is being built in a solid wooden construction made of non-glued cross-laminated timber walls and board-stacked ceilings. Wood from the foundation's own regional forestry operation is largely used. The glass facade serves as a weathering layer and at the same time as an active energy storage. In winter the heated air acts as transparent thermal insulation and in summer the circulating air cools the wall surface.

The wooden surface of the unglued external walls, which is screwed together with wood screws, remains visible behind the profiled glass facade. There are three different types of apartments on each floor, each with a spacious loggia. These three types of apartments can also be seen from the outside as assembled structures. The cubature maximizes the solar surface, which strengthens the energy concept of the facade. The access core is located on the north side, meaning that the apartments are only slightly adjacent to the north side. All apartments face three cardinal directions and the openings in the apartments are designed for optimal cross ventilation. Geothermal energy is used for heating and cooling and the green roof areas are activated with PV systems to generate electricity.

This project underlines the foundation's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in housing construction and serves as a groundbreaking example of ecological building in the region.

Project Details

Evangelische Stiftung Pflege Schönau
Brühl bei Heidelberg
Gross floor area
1319 m²
Service Phases
LPH 1-5, in Planung
Partner und Partner Architekten
Jörg Finkbeiner, Hanui You, Jeroen Meissner
Project Management
Element A, Heidelberg
Structural engineering
merz kley und partner, Dornbirn
Technical building services
Transplan, Stuttgart
hofmann röttgen, Limburgerhof
gefördert von der Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt
Jan Rottler