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A Black Forest inside and out


2.076 / 5.000



The design deals with the regional peculiarities of the northern Black Forest building tradition on various levels. The result is a wooden frame structure that is organized around a clay core inside. The external shape creates a direct connection to the northern Black Forest.In its reduced form, the house was consistently organized around the inner clay core. The fireplace, the stairs and supply lines find their place in it, making it the central design element in the interior. It organizes the rooms and can be found in almost every room in the house. This creates open, tiled rooms and an exciting spatial structure that, with the central oven, is based on traditional building traditions.

The play with Black Forest building culture can also be found in the external design of the building: The structure, which was designed as a classic gable roof house and clad with larch cladding, was built without a roof overhang in order to enable the facade to gray evenly. The exclusively square windows were positioned in height and size depending on the orientation and requirements of the interior. This creates individual views of the surrounding nature for each room. The windows are complemented by Black Forest shutters, which reinforce the asymmetry of the facade. This results in a playful, lively façade despite the clear, reduced structure.

The wooden frame construction with highly insulated external walls is complemented inside by a central “heavy element” made of clay bricks. This gives the lightweight construction the necessary heat storage mass. Due to its ability to absorb and release moisture, clay is also very suitable as a moisture regulator and thus ensures a pleasant, healthy indoor climate. The water-powered fireplace and the solar system on the roof complement the heating system and, in addition to the energy-efficient design, reduce the consumption of fossil energy.

Project Details

single family house
Glatten, Deutschland
Gross floor area
270 m²
Service Phases
Partner und Partner Architekten
Klaus Günter, Jörg Finkbeiner, Christian Necker
Structural engineering
Statikbüro Müller+Günter FDS
Klaus Günter