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Berlin Reuse Competition 3rd place

How a building becomes a material bank


The “LCU-local circular upgrade” concept focuses on two essential aspects of circular construction: The dismantling of a building block from 1958 is carried out with the aim of, in addition to the continued use of non-load-bearing components, the primary construction (ceilings, beams, supports, infill) in one Upcycling process to “upgrade” recyclable components and assemble them into a new structure on site within the same construction project. The concept idea is special in two ways:

In addition to the furnishing materials and the non-load-bearing components, the primary structure of a building from the 1950s, which was designed and built with linear value creation in mind, undergoes a “system upgrade” by being divided into transportable components. This strategy not only avoids a downcycling process. On the contrary: circular building components are created from a linear building material. The in-situ concrete columns and beams, as well as the ribbed ceilings, become reusable building elements. The newly acquired components are assembled into a new building within the same construction project, on the same property. This largely eliminates transport and the design process generates a “different” type of local architectural language that follows the “Form Follows Resources” principle. The upcycling building not only represents an appreciation of resources and keeping them in local cycles, but also a new aesthetic mindset.

The innovation of the concept consists in an upgrade of linear building materials into circular building components and their local further use. The material reincarnation fundamentally changes the design approach and generates a new, local architectural language that transfers supposedly old, inferior building materials into a new context and thus helps to change the view of our anthropogenic heritage.

Project Details

Assiduus3 Development GmbH
Büro-/ Gewerbebau
Gross floor area
144 m²
Service Phases
LP 1-2
Veit Burgbacher, Maren Vetter, Aida Conde, Oskar Ellwanger, Johannes Jenny, Andreas Wendt

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