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Shukavati Centre


The "Buddhist housing project and center for spiritual guidance at Scharmützelsee in Bad Saarow" aims to provide a space for spiritual support during life crises. The proximity to nature and the atmosphere of the property are intended to create a space for inner reflection, paving the way to inner freedom. Respect for nature and the site's ambiance guided the design, with the goal of integrating the center naturally and respectfully into its surroundings.

The landscape concept is designed as a minimal intervention, extending the typical shoreline vegetation and plant growth up to the street. It utilizes the local biotope palette, which primarily consists of pine, birch, oak, and ferns. This biotope character reflects the Brandenburg landscape and will atmospherically shape the entire property. There's a deliberate choice to avoid the dramatization of nature. Except for an access to the lake and the boathouse, residents will move through "untreated" nature.

The building's design features compact, clear structures for economic construction, with a repetitive base allowing for flexible apartment configurations. Its solid inner load-bearing structure and clay infill walls, combined with a timber frame exterior, merge cost-efficiency with high insulation. The building core, activated for thermal storage, alongside the clay's humidity regulation, ensures a healthy indoor climate without extensive mechanical systems. The facade, made of rough-sawn wood with live edges, connects to the surrounding environment, giving the building an archaic feel. Its materiality and verticality resonate with the nearby forest, with the sun's path and viewer movement creating dynamic visual effects. The "building membrane" at the loggias acts as an external shading system, complemented by the shade from surrounding trees in summer.

Project Details

Sukhavati Centre for spiritual care
conference center
Gross floor area
3.400 m²
Partner und Partner Architekten
Klaus Günter, Jörg Finkbeiner, Christian Necker, Max Steinbächer

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