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Transparency and a green image


With the timber hybrid construction, Volksbank Chemnitz makes a statement for its new, green identity at the entrance to the traditional mining town of Aue in the Ore Mountains. The ecologically planned bank branch serves as an exemplary model for climate-appropriate architecture of the future. Local companies were involved in the planning and execution to strengthen the region and contribute to a transition towards a green economy.

In two separate structures, space is being created for a new bank branch and a notary's office. A new, barrier-free bridge between the buildings organizes the pathway on the sloped property. The parking spaces of the neighboring football stadium can be preserved by elevating the buildings.

The center of each structure features a spacious atrium. It acts as a green lung and allows for natural lighting and ventilation. This design makes it possible to forgo resource-intensive mechanical air conditioning of the buildings. The opening of all living spaces towards the atrium emphasizes transparency and creates a clear spatial organization of the interiors.

The load-bearing structure of the upper floors is mostly made of wood. The moisture-regulating properties of the exposed wood surfaces improve the indoor climate. At the request of the builders, reinforced concrete walls were used on the ground floor.

Project Details

Volksbank Chemnitz
Gross floor area
1850 m²
Volksbankfiliale und Notariat
Fire safety
Brandkontrolle Andreas Flock
Structural engineering
ZRS Berlin
Interior designer
Entenza GmbH und Trommler Werbung & Objekteinrichtung GmbH
Timber construction
Fa. Terhalle Holzbau GmbH
Energy concept
ee concept, Darmstadt
sLandArt, Chemnitz
Construction management
Peter Fritzsche, Fritzsche building renovation
Ricarda Hartmann, Stefan Unger, Timo Voßhagen, Oskar Ellwanger, Andreas Wendt
planned for 2025