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Versatile, flexible and customizable


A hybrid, modular “transverse matrix”

The concept transfers the strategy of the modular transverse matrix from the automotive industry to the building scale. The modular building structure, which is made up of 3D modules (highly installed building components such as bathrooms) and 2D modules (walls, ceilings). Allows a wide variety of design options in terms of appearance. In order to make the mix of apartments possible with an optimized number of access points, the new quarter consists of two basic building types: two- and three-horse buildings and an arcade type, which economically opens up the small apartments. Both types alternate in an east-west direction, ensuring diversity and a good mix in the district. The buildings on Dessauer Straße alternate in the façade concept, similar to the courtyard development, thus ensuring a rhythm in the sequence of buildings.

Hybrid construction: fast, quiet and modular

The clearly gridded modular building concept enables “use-neutral” rooms. These promise a flexible, robust building structure that also enables long-term adaptability of uses. The hybrid construction ideally combines wood with reinforced concrete. The focus is on a quick construction method, which minimizes the impact of the construction site on residents in the existing neighborhood and enables a compact implementation of the construction project. Most of the buildings do not have a basement. Storage areas are provided on the respective floors as replacement basement rooms or in the apartments.

Project Details

Neuland Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH
Gross floor area
16,250 qm
Service Phases
1-9, , in planning
Partner und Partner Architekten
Ulrike Kube, Kerstin Krüger, Jörg Finkbeiner, Klaus Günter, Carolin Friedrich, Maren Vetter, Jeroen Meißner, Fabian Fleckenstein
LPH 1-2 Arge Treibhaus und Lavaland Berlin, LPH 3 Chora Blau Landschaftsarchitektur und Visualisierung Hannover