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German Real Estate Award 2023

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Beispielhaftes Bauen 20141.420 / 5.000



In the vibrant Charlottenburg district of Berlin, we are planning an expansion of the district that represents a significant step towards sustainability: the Zillecampus on Zillestraße with a planned area of 12,000m².The heart of the project is the revitalization of an existing building from 1961. We attach great importance to the reuse of existing building parts and materials in order not only to conserve resources, but also to preserve the unique character and history of the place.

When selecting new materials for new and additional buildings, the principles of circular construction are the focus. In particular, we rely on wooden buildings and skeleton construction to ensure long-term flexibility of use and sustainable use of resources.A special highlight is the campus's energy supply: thanks to 70 geothermal probes and a photovoltaic system, the Zillecampus is energy self-sufficient and therefore makes an active contribution to climate protection.

In collaboration with Madaster, a detailed catalog of the materials used is created in order to avoid thermal recycling and increase transparency over the life cycle of the materials.The Zillecampus is a groundbreaking example of sustainable urban densification and shows how innovative building concepts can have a positive impact on the urban landscape.

Project Details

Assiduus3 Development GmbH WEB
Gross floor area
16,300 m²
Service Phases
LPH 1-8
Technical building services
Kleemann Ingenieure
Structural engineering & Fire safety
Bauart, Berlin
Lifecycle Assessment
ee concept
Veit Burgbacher, Maren Vetter, Aida Conde, Oskar Ellwanger, Johannes Jenny, Andreas Wendt