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VGV 1st prize

Functional and CO2-positiv construction


The Zuberhaus accommodates the Amt 70 and the SMO, catering specifically to public transportation drivers and the city cleaning team, including the recycling center.

Spanning five floors, it houses break rooms, meeting rooms, changing rooms, restrooms, and warming kitchens. The architecture blends a solid wood construction with a reinforced concrete core and surrounding corridors for efficient use and communication.

The building's technical systems were developed to the highest standards, including ventilated lockers. Its energy concept relies on geothermal and photovoltaic sources, with a deliberate avoidance of overly complex technical installations. Compactness and resource-efficient material usage were prioritized in the planning process, enabling the omission of a basement.

The re-use of building materials

A central concern in the design of the Zuberhaus was to create a building that maximized resource efficiency. This is reflected in numerous measures, such as the reuse of profile glass, repurposing of facade claddings made from natural stone, and the incorporation of glass blocks into interior walls. Even wooden pavers and steel grilles were repurposed and artistically integrated.

The Zuberhaus serves not only as an architectural showcase but also as a symbol of sustainability and resource efficiency. It embodies the vision of a forward-thinking community and sets new standards for sustainable building and design.

Project Details

das Stadtwerk.Regensburg.Mobilität GmbH
Gross floor area
2795 m²
Service Phases
1-9, in Planung
Partner und Partner Architekten
Silvia Grossinger, Maren Vetter, Alena Jacobs
Structural engineering
BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult, München
Technical building services
ATP Nürnberg Planungs GmbH und PEMA Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG, Regensburg
Energy concept
ee concept, Darmstadt
Werner Röth GmbH, Amberg